Customers are talking about Dunn’s Auto Repair services:


I discovered Dunn’s when I first came to Waco because I needed some work done on my car and several people recommended Dunn’s. I was told that Henry Dunn and his wife Myrtle ran a fine shop. They had a reputation for treating people fairly and courteously and they stood behind their work. Boy have they lived up to this reputation and more. …I cannot think of another business that treats my wife and I more like family and has always been there when we needed help. They do excellent work and stand behind it.
Scott Peterson – Waco

A friend recommended Dunn’s to me several years ago. He said that they were honest, affordable and did very good work. He didn’t lie. With their service I have driven 6 cars over 100,000 miles with 3 of them going over 200,000 miles. I still drive one with over 200,000 miles today. …I am a satisfied customer.
Velton Hayworth – China Spring

I manage Davis Coffee Company and we have been using Dunn’s Brake and Tire exclusively for the last 10 years. We keep a fleet of up to 15 vehicles on the road. We are a service-oriented company that needs our fleet up and running at all times. Dunn’s works with us to get our vehicles out, usually the same day. They do professional work in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. I also have them service my personal vehicle. All of the employees at Dunn’s are friendly and courteous. Most of them have been there a long time, which says a lot about the company in this era when people change jobs as often as they change their minds. I would recommend Dunn’s Brake and Tire to anyone in the future as I have in the past.
David Shehorn – Waco

We would like to express our gratitude to Dunn’s Brake and Tire for their excellent service over the years concerning our vehicles. We have done business with Dunn’s for over 15 years and in that time they have always been professional, courteous and trustworthy. Over the years, Cecil, Mike and David have continuously listened to us and worked with us to determine what are needs were. If there is a problem with one of our cars we know the work will be diagnosed properly and the repairs done correctly. If no work or repair is needed, they have always been honest with us. We appreciate that kind of honesty – it is not easy to find these days. …They are an asset to our community.
David and Melissa Erbe – Waco

This business pleased me, plain and simple. I first took my car to Goodyear and they said I’d have to get my brakes completely replaced within a month. Thinking that the job would be around $300 dollars, I went elsewhere to get it done. Dunn’s inspected my car and said that my brakes were perfectly fine and only needed cleaning and readjustment. Talk about honesty! I trust this place to give me a professional opinion and services without scamming me for money.
Stacy Gray – El Paso

Dunn’s was one of the first Tech-Net shops in the state of Texas. All of their techs are highly qualified. Every time we have a CTI clinic Dunn’s is the first to sign-up. They are clearly looking to the future, that’s why they are our partners.
Joey Burleson – Manger CARQUEST Store #5662